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Examination Courses
Training Program
Examination Type GZD TDfE ZDF ZDfB ZMP DSH
Time in weeks
Main Course
Intensive Course
12 18 24 30 36 42
Evening Course
Intensive Course
24 36 48 60 72 84

The number of lessons required to take the following exams
(levels correspond to the guidelines of the European Council):

Level Certificate / Exam Number of
lessons in hours
Beginners 2 Foundation for
the German Certificate (GZD)
240 hours of lessons
Intermediate 1
Test German for
Naturalization (TDfE)
360 hours of lessons
Intermediate 2 Certificate German for
Foreigners (ZDaF)
480 hours of lessons
Advanced 1
Certificate Professional
German (ZDfB)
600 hours of lessons
Advanced 2 Central Intermediate
Exam (ZMP)
720 hours of lessons
Collegiate Linguistic Exam for
Admission of Foreign Students
to German University
840 hours of lessons

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