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One-to-One Training
Crash Course

Crash courses are specifically tailored to the needs of those who must learn German as quickly as possible, i.e., primarily business people. Such programs are actually designed according to the individual needs and wishes of the participant.

The duration of such an intensive course depends on the participant's linguistic level and goal. We recommend 6 weeks at 40 hours per week for beginners.
Minimum time is 2 weeks.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08.00-08.45 A B A B A
08.45-09.30 A B A B A
09.35-10.20 B A B A B
10.20-11.05 B A B A B
11.15-12.00 A B A B A
12.00-12.45 A B A B A
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14.00-14.45 A+B A A+B A A+B
14.45-15.30 B A B A B
A = Trainer A            B = Trainer B
Lunch = Lunch with an instructor is optional.

Crash courses are hard work comprising high effectiveness and maximum input.
From morning till evening you will be at the hands of two or three specially trained instructors who will work with you on a theoretical and practical level. Texts, grammar exercises, video, mutual lunch, role-plays of everyday situations at the job -
your study-program is intense and hardly lets you get a breather.
This means stress, certainly, but it is the only way to quick linguistic success! Please order our brochure "Crash courses"!

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